We’re Hiring!

Just a reminder that we’re always looking for great engineers. Here’s why you should apply. Our mission is for pets around the world to have all the care they need to live happily and healthy for as long as possible.

Our values

Our values reflect who we are as individuals and as a company. They are the basis of our work and our team. They shape our decisions and help us grow.

We value the trust and transparency

In Barkibu we have full transparency policy. In our opinion, it builds confidence among team members and helps in creating a favorable environment for a success.

We value teamwork and collaboration

We believe that as a team we can achieve much more than as individuals, that the best ideas are developed through collaboration. In Barkibu, the team is the most important thing we have.

We value fun and a good company

Working should not be boring. Small moments of relaxation as choosing a song to start the morning with, dedicating a couple of days in a year to team-building, and having an office full of dogs, make life much more fun.

We value excellence

We like to do things right. We can make mistakes, but only to rise again with more desire. We like to impose new challenges and try to improve ourselves every and each day.

We value people

Companies are made up of people. To be respectful, humble and care for each other is basic for a healthy company.

We value data

In Barkibu no decision is taken without first analyzing the data. We always check the data before making internal decisions, evaluating new business possibilities or optimizing available resources. It allows us to make reasoned decisions and improve our results.

We value passion and positive energy

We believe that the world keeps turning thanks to people who have a passion for what they do and who transmit their positive energy to others. The positive energy attracts progress.

We value simplicity

Because the happiness is in the simplest things in life.

How about you?

We’d love to hear what you feel contributes to successful engineering teams. Send us a note at dev@barkibu.com