The Customer Data Platform built for Pet Retailers

Barkibu’s customer analytics software helps pet organizations automate the creation of rich, AI-based customer insights, share insights across teams, and use insights at every customer touchpoint.

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Use all of your data, and ours

In a business environment where data is being collected at all times across different customer touch points, systems and communication channels it is crucial to have data easily available and accessible at the right time. Advanced customer analytics and prediction modeling can only be as good as the underlying data, hence we make sure to clean up and integrate all of your data sources and ours.

Build custom cohorts in seconds

We apply state of the art data science and machine learning technologies to your transactional data and combine it with a proprietary pet-specific analytics model. By doing so we can segment your customer database by different dimensions, and personalize and automate marketing campaigns for each of them.

Predict customer behavior and communicate proactively

Automatically generate rich predictive insights across an array of actionable metrics including (but not limited to):

Customer Lifetime Value: Forecast predicted customer lifetime value using leading-edge academic research.

Behavioral Segments: Create persona clusters through work that would take a team of data scientists weeks, if not months, to execute.

Personalize campaigns in-store and online

Most pet retailers and brands have multiple customer touch points these days and offer products to their clients through a multi-channel retail strategy as well as through a growing array of service offerings (health plans, in-store clinics etc.). Each one of these customer touch points is powerful by itself, but by combining them, their impact on your business increases significantly.

Offer gamified services, and learn about your customers

One of our core capabilities at Barkibu Analytics is to know which data makes a dent in your marketing strategy, and which doesn’t. Hence we developed a series of tools that allow you to offer free top-notch service to your customers, while also capturing useful information and driving sales.

Go from insight to action in minutes.

Select specific segments and quickly design experiments, push data across all channels, and measure the impact.

Advanced Segmentation: Quickly build segments, generate statistically valid target and control groups, and balance with the needs of other areas of your organization.

Channel Integrations: Send data into the relevant channels and measure the true economic impact of your efforts without IT or passing lists via email.

Results Measurement: Measure the true economic impact of your efforts based on control group performance.

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