Predictive analytics for pets – How Barkibu Analytics was born was born in 2014 with the mission to provide pets around the world with all the care and attention they need, so they can live happily and healthy for as long as possible.

It may sound a bit utopian, but it boils down to something very simple: teaching pet owners to properly care for their animals by connecting them with veterinary professionals in a quick and simple way.

Whether it’s nutrition, health-related questions or behavioral queries, we focus on developing products that help to get the best possible attention for your pet directly through, a B2C platform accessible for every pet owner, or through our partners in pet retail and pet food or pet accessory manufacturing that use the B2B solutions we develop for and with them.

Barkibu Analytics – To do what’s best for your pets

Barkibu Analytics is the customer analytics arm of, which helps pet retailers leverage their customer data and ultimately improve customer and pet satisfaction. Through the use of predictive analytics and personalized communication, we help the customer make better-educated decisions and hence buy the most relevant products for their pets, at the right time and through the channel of their choice.

Barkibu Analytics does three things: First, it will gather, organize and enrich all the data of a given pet retail partner with the objective of having a database to which we can apply machine learning algorithms in order to unlock the value of said data at scale. The data sources are typically ERP systems, e-commerce platforms, call center systems, POS systems for in-store data or in the ideal case a CRM system.

Organize your customer data and make it actionable

Once the data is sufficiently organized and structured, we start with the second step of the process where we apply our algorithms to generate insights and make the vast pool of customer data actionable. The results of this process are a series of advanced customer analytics metrics that can be used to improve communication with customers in terms of personalization, relevance, timing, preferred channel or discount and product affinity. Metrics include a detailed customer segmentation (using a combination of sales, margins, product category, and species), LTV calculations, predictive churn probabilities as well as aggregated indicators that allow you to identify the life cycle stage of each customer.

Our entire analytics platform integrates with the backend data of a pet retailer or brand, but also with the front marketing stack so that you can use all of the insights through your regular marketing communication tools, whether you are using a CRM system or separate systems for email marketing, call center marketing, SMS marketing and so forth.

Taking advanced customer analytics in-store

E-commerce is obviously a fast-growing part of overall sales in many verticals and also in the pet space. Having said that the majority of sales in most of the parts still go through physical stores. From early we have realized the importance of this channel and focussed a lot of our product development on it. This is the most important marketing channel as it covers the large majority of your clients, is independent of open and click rates and most importantly is executed by your sales staff which is the face of your brand in the eyes of each customer. We will shortly post another blog to deeper on this particular topic and explain the benefits for retailers in the pet industry or other retail verticals.

As a last piece to the puzzle, the third and last thing that Barkibu Analytics does is offering a series of data generation tools that help pet retailers or brands to start generating more data that we know is useful for customer insights. These tools all focus primarily on giving customer excellent omnichannel service, and as a side effect, the generated data signals and sales for the pet retailers. One example of such a tool is our Nutribot, which is a chatbot that gives advice based on some information it asks about the pets.

Our company was born in the pet space so we have extensive business knowledge of the vertical, which we, of course, integrate as much as we can in the development of our products. We know what pets need and also know how different groups of pet owners behave. Furthermore, we have a large database of proprietary data that we use to enrich the database of our partners, where applicable and allowed under privacy regulations.

Stay tuned for more news about Barkibu Analytics 🙂