Transform your pet retail business with automated customer predictions

Cloud-based customer analytics software that puts machine learning to work across your pet retail organization and customer touchpoints.

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Ready to use a performance marketing platform built for today's data-rich, multi-channel world?

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Grow Revenue

Use pet retail-specific models to increase customer lifetime value by up to 120%


Across Every Touchpoint

Insights flow seamlessly through every customer touchpoint to drive maximum impact.

Powering customer obsessed pet commerce at
How It Works

Enabling omnichannel execution and measurement like never before

Here’s how Barkibu Analytics helps you drive revenue and lifetime value (LTV) through rich, AI-based customer insights.
Pet Owner Data Ingestion

Use all of your data for marketing. And ours too.

Advanced Segmentation

Generate audiences based on customer behaviors and predicted interests in seconds.

Multi-Channel Automations

Personalize campaigns across any channel in-store and online, using your current tech.

Packaged Analytics

Create and dive into the details of any segment: product preferences, CLV, churn propensity, and more.

Results Measurement

Measure the true economic impact of your efforts based on control group performance.

Predictive Algorithms

Use pre-built, pet retail-specific predictive models to understand purchase behaviors.

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